The Ministry

Creating jobs. Fostering Community. Changing lives.

The work I do is for a non-profit on the south side known as Sunshine Gospel Ministries.

They’ve been around for over 100 years. Sunshine Gospel Ministries exists to seek renewal in the city through ministries of discipleship, mercy, and justice. We do this through building relationships, teaching and mentoring, developing life skills, and care and advocacy in our community.

Discipling Youth. Training Adults.

While Sunshine Gospel offers many different youth programs in the community, such as after school tutoring, bible study, and discipleship, we also provide education and training to adults    in the proficient use of technology. The tech center serves as a hub for individuals who would otherwise have extremely limited access to computers. People often come in to perform online job search as well as gain better knowledge of certain software programs.

The Ministry of Creating Jobs.

Many community inhabitants face daunting economic struggles, one of the largest being unemployment. In the current environment, it can be difficult for anyone to find work, especially those from low-income communities. Sunshine recognizes this and wants to provide a solution. That solution comes through a process known as business incubation.

A business incubator is a facility that provides resources to start-up businesses, including a space in which to work, access to technology, and in some cases, access to capital. More recently, incubators have taken to additionally providing entrepreneurs with a way of finding mentors and coaches. These are individuals who are seasoned businesspeople that can act as advisors and give critical feedback as well as invaluable insight into what it takes for a business to be successful.

Enter Sunshine Enterprises…

sunshine enterprises

Sunshine Enterprises is the business incubator arm of Sunshine Gospel Ministries, and its the program that I run. My main focus is to identify and recruit people with a passion for entrepreneurship combined with the drive to succeed. Through education, training, and mentoring, it’s our hope to reach the goal of businesses in the community that can hire people from the community. In this way, we seek to break the longstanding barriers to unemployment those in the inner city often face.

In order for us to be effective in this, we need your support.

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