Questions about support (FAQ)

Q: Do you currently receive a salary from Sunshine?

A: Yes. I receive a base salary from Sunshine that covers a portion of our monthly income needs. We look to acquire the rest through various donations and support.

Q: How much support do you expect to raise?

A: For the upcoming fiscal year, we have a need to raise an average of about $10,000. This helps us cover basic living expenses. On occasion, we may look to raise additional funds for a specific purpose. (For example, a campaign for the purchase of mini-van for our growing family). Check out our GoFundMe page!

Q: Are donations tax-deductible?

A: Yes. Donations made to Sunshine Gospel Ministries are tax deductible. When you give, you can specify to whom you would like donations allocated. For instructions on how to directly to the Daly fund, click here.

Q: Is Sunshine Gospel Ministries a 501(c) 3?

A: Yes. Sunshine Gospel Ministries is an accredited 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with the IRS. As a non-profit, information about its operating budget and financial activities is made publicly available.

Q: Is Sunshine Gospel Ministries affiliated with a denomination?

A: No. Sunshine is not affiliated with any specific denomination, thought it is of course a faith-based organization. SGM is, however, a member of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). More information about CCDA is available at their website:

Q: What’s your role within the organization?

A: As Director of Business Incubation, my role is to oversee activities related to the development of sustainable businesses within the community we serve. The program, Sunshine Enterprises, is an initiative to create jobs through successful entrepreneurship. Through relationships with both our partners and through Sunshine’s existing base of donors, we are able to offer resources and mentorship to local entrepreneurs. More info is available at the Sunshine Gospel Ministries website.

Q: Where does most of the funding come from?

A: Most of the funding that comes to Sunshine is through individual, private donations. Monies are also received from philanthropic foundations and, on occasion, state or federal grants. The majority of staff at Sunshine receive missionary support through private donations.

Q: I’d love to give, and I’d feel more confident about giving after talking with someone from the organization. Can I do that?

A: Of course! If you’d like, you can call the number for the organization and ask to speak with its executive director, Joel Hamernick. The main number is 773-493-0656. You can also fill out the contact form on the Sunshine website.

Q: Where can I find out more information about Sunshine?

A: You can visit the website at

Q: I know someone who may be interested in what you guys are doing. Can I pass along your information?

A: Absolutely! My email is

Any other questions, just ask:

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