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Holly takes pictures. And on occasion, so do the boys.

Timelapse: Cityscape Chicago, by Eric Hines (Canon 5D Mark III )

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Posted by Eric Hines on October 27, 2012


(…) “Cityscape Chicago is a personal timelapse piece consisting of over 30,000 still photographs shot on the Canon 5D Mark III incrementally between July and October 2012 around downtown Chicago, Illinois.
The inspiration of this piece was my fascination with the city of Chicago, particularly at night. For me, there has always been a mysterious sort of feeling to Chicago at night, so I decided to explore and capture it.”

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Accelerators and Bootcamps in Estonia & Poland | European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leaders | Stanford University

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Mondays 4:15pm @ Hewlett 201 Auditorium


Stanford Engineering’s European Innovation & Entrepreneurship Thought Leaders (ME421) is a weekly speaker series – now entering its fifth year – that presents industry leaders from Europe’s hitech startup, venture finance, corporate, university research & technology commercialization communities to share their insights and experiences with aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.


From Iceland to Russia, and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, Europe’s innovation sector is today playing a growing role in bringing new products, services, companies and jobs to the world in energy, environmental, water, information, medical device and life sciences technologies. Europe, however, faces substantial challenges in rapidly moving to the marketplace the technical innovations that are being developed in universities, national laboratories and corporations. Many regions are increasingly looking to Silicon Valley to accelerate their innovation organizations, and to train a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovation professionals.


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