The Dalys

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Who are the Dalys? Glad you asked! We welcome ourselves to your introduction of us.

(Sorry if that was awkwardly worded, introductions make us nervous.)


Ethan (aka “Dad”)

About me: I love movies, food, and hairpieces.

Favorite TV show: Arrested Development

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings, Dark Knight, The Matrix, too many to choose

Favorite Dish: Oscar’s BBQ Burger from Cheesecake Factory (also, anything from Cheesecake Factory)

Quote: If you could be any of species of fish, how soon would you realize that your collection of 80’s denim jackets is now useless?

Holly (aka “Mom”)

About me: I love Christmas, Rich Mullins’ music, and 18th century women’s corsets.

Favorite TV show: The Wonder Years

Favorite Movie: Sleeping with the Enemy

Favorite Dish: Cheesecake

Quote: The best thing about Saturday mornings is listening to live remote radio broadcasts from local car dealerships.

Malachi (aka “Mac-a-lac”)

About me: I enjoy exploring in the woods and wrestling with my Dad, as well as with my emotions.

Favorite TV show: Fresh Beat Band

Favorite Movie: Home Alone

Favorite Dish: Cheeseburger

Quote: I’m going to defeat the bad guy.

Lincoln (aka “Linco-Patinco”)

About me: I like for things to have a sense of order, and I often see myself as a 37 year-old anesthesiologist.

Favorite TV show: Garfield

Favorite Movie: Rain Man

Favorite Dish: Chicken Nuggets

Quote: Actually, I think we should do it this way.

Kingston (aka “Kingums”)

About me: Despite my lack of ankles, I’m actually quite surefooted.

Favorite TV show: Dora the Explorer

Favorite Movie: The Bridges of Madison County

Favorite Dish: Chicken and Rice

Quote: It’s important to open and close every door in the house many times over so as to ensure their durability.


Check out our GoFundMe page!

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